Friday, April 19, 2013

Photos From Chamberlain Ranch Archery Shoot 2013

The Chamberlain Ranch 3D Traditional Archery shoot was great fun and perfect weather. We sat across from two knappers so that was entertaining. During the raffle though, the wind picked up and blew Joe's entire table cloth and inventory off his table. It sounded like chimes as those arrowheads hit the ground. I hope he didn't have too much damage.

Badger was busy making bows and gifted us both with incredible osage bows. I need to put a shelf on mine and beef up the serving string so my arrows will fit. In fact, I need to make all new arrows.

The clout shoot was very popular and at $1.00 per arrow, I'm sure it was a great fundraiser for the charity event.

We had our Greenman Archery booth set up and did very well this year. Guy is going to be busy making a bunch of custom arrows. He made some great trades as well. 

Badger scraping on a bow.

Oak tree on Chamberlain Ranch near Los Olivos, CA

Clout Shoot


Ralph knapping

Richard and Gary discuss making bows.

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