Saturday, April 20, 2013

Branch Atlatl

Today I roughed out a new atlatl made from a branch. I'm not making the same mistake I made last time by making it too short. If anything, it's a bit too long. I'm using green wood this time. I'm not sure what kind because it is a branch I found on a walk one day. I thought it might come in useful someday so I propped it up against my house. I'm making it on the bow bench, which I didn't have last time I tried to make one. I'm not using any power tools. I'm using a drawknife, a Shinto rasp, and a scraper.

But it is pretty hot today, so I put it away until tomorrow. I'll work on it at an archery event we are vending at tomorrow. We still have to load half the truck, and then get an early start in the morning. But I'm getting a headache from the heat, so now I'm sitting inside sipping iced tea.

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