Monday, February 27, 2012

Arrow Raffle Winner

Thanks to everyone who entered our arrow raffle for Njall's widow. More details here: The winner was a local SCA member named Cecelia Medici. She runs the thrown weapon events so she needs all the weapons she can get right?

Opening Court Robin Hood Tourney

Guy Taillear wins a service award for archery.

Raffle number drawing for a benefit.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

January Paleoplanet Meeting is Moved To February

Guy makes a bow while David looks on.

Guy and Sal work on projects.

Guy's shave horse that he made proves to be useful indeed.

We welcome families.
I just found out our February Paleoplanet gathering on Sunday has been moved to March 4th because of a marathon, plus we are still having the regularly scheduled meeting the third Sunday of March.

Here are photos I took at the January gathering in Pasadena CA.

Chamberlain Ranch Shoot in April 2012

I may get to go to the Chamberlain Ranch Shoot. Oh goody! I haven't been in years but this year we are getting a cat sitter I hope. It's a 3-D archery shoot over hill and dale on a private ranch. If you go, find us at the Greenman Archery booth. My boyfriend will be there either way, but hopefully I'll get to go too this time.

I wish I could buy my boyfriend a new kilt for it here: 

One year another archer in a kilt had a booth right across from us. He made leather quivers. Hope he is there too. Kilts and archery just go so well together.