Saturday, October 24, 2009

Making a Basket Quiver

I really must try this. I don't have the supplies yet, and no money to get them at this moment.;f=2;t=000065;p=0 This is one of the most beautiful basket quivers I have ever seen. I love all the different colors and textures in this. I also like how it comes to a point at the end. The other ones I've seen have a hard wood base in the shape of an oval or rectangle. A flat bottom has some advantages, but I'd love to try the pointed version.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Photos From Paleoplanet October 18, 2009

I was so busy I didn't get to take a lot of photos. The dog's name is Biscuit and he was a total riot. I worked on my berimbau, and my atlatl darts. I never even got around to my beadwork.

Straightening the atlatl darts.

Today I continued on with straightening the atlatl darts that I started yesterday at the Paleoplanet gathering. Usually the cane will start to sweat as it's heated up, and then you can bend it. I noticed it wasn't sweating no matter how long I held it over the Sterno can. Then I realized the last swirl of wind must have blown the flame out, because the can was cold. I figured that was a good time to take a break. My hands are still fatiqued from shaving the tough wood from off of the nodes.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mississinewa 1812 and Paleoplanet

Tomorrow is our next Paleoplanet gathering in Pasadena. I'm looking forward to working on a berimbau, my atlatl darts, some beadwork, and learning more basketry techniques.

And to get in the mood, someone just sent me this video. I love the boy with the hoop, and of course the fire eater and the musicians.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August Paleoplanet Gathering

Sunday we had perfect weather for our monthly archery gathering. Here are photos of Marianne and her daughter working on their first bows. She brought me peanut butter cookies too.
I worked on juggling and knitting and beading. Not exactly Paleo but that's the way the peanut butter cookie crumbles.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Making Quivers by Fayme Harper

Saturday and Sunday we had a fellow over learning to make arrows. He's so happy about his new archery skills. He wants to make a leather quiver next. I was discussing different kinds of quivers with my boyfriend. He's made some great ones. I said leather is heavy and if you are doing archery on a roving course, every little ounce adds up as you are climbing over hill and dale with your bow, arrows, quiver, bracer, water bottle, and other gear.

Some light weight alternatives for quivers include yucca, basket, bamboo and canvas quivers. You have to decide if you want a back quiver or a side quiver. I find side quivers much easier because they fasten on with a belt and you don't have to lift them over your head and shoulders. Also you don't sweat as much as you do with leather strapped to your back. Just remember there are a lot of alternatives. And I know leather fringe on a quiver is very popular. But leather fringe is heavy. You can add plenty of other embellishments in lieu of leather fringe, like hanging beads, coins or talismans.

red arrows yucca quiver
Yucca Quiver

mini quiver 2
Mini Quiver

Side quiver

barbara, ken, armand and julian
Leather quiver

Also, if you've never looked down inside a quiver, most of them have some padding in the bottom to protect the arrows from hitting the bottom. That can be foam, fur, or stuffing of some type. It keeps the arrows from rattling around too.

canejo 3 D shootTom_Guy
Canvas Quiver

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fire Counter

I just added a counter at the bottom. If you need a free counter there is a link for it at the bottom of the page. I thought fire was an appropriate look for a blog on primitive tools and archery. Where would we be without fire? Cold, that's where.

Atlatl darts

I've decided to start making some atlatl equipment so I can join in on the fun. So when we were visiting friends in Silverado yesterday Guy spotted some cane that can work well for the long darts. We got home too late last night to do anything with them, but today I cut off all the excess branches with pruners, and cracked off the dried sheathing as best I could. Then I tied the whole bunch into a bundle to help it to dry more or less straight. I still have a long way to go but at least it's a start.

I've started carving two atlatls in the past. Who knows where they are now. So I need to keep an eye out for them or start a new one.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My Boyfriend the Fletcher

My boyfriend's archery blog is here:
He's always making arrows with new combinations of feathers and cresting and shafts. As soon as he delivers one set of arrows he gets orders for 3 more. I wish he made enough doing that so he could quit his day job. But CA prices are so high you practically need 3 jobs just to have a normal life. Not even a life of luxury, just a life of paying bills on time and fixing your car when it breaks.

I've made some arrows, but I don't have the patience to make 12 things that match. So I'll leave the arrowmaking to him. I do make them for myself.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Conejo Traditional Archery Shoot

We just got back from the traditional archery shoot in Simi Valley. My little craft booth did fine. I don't know what I was so worried about. I took lots of photos that I'll be posting soon. Archery is truly a sport for both genders and all ages. The Conejo Archers put on a great event.

The face painting was a big hit too. A lot of the younger kids were volunteers and enjoyed some face painting fun to go with their jobs in the snack bar and on the archery range. We shoot at big foam animals and someone has to haul them all out there over many acres, set them all, up, and bring them back in later. So the younger volunteers helped with that too.

They had prizes for the best archers and a big raffle. They gave away a lot of smaller items and also 2 bows.

Our campsite was busy making bows, mending arrows, grilling sausages, consuming carnitas tacos, and having fun. We had a jam session Sat. night with a guitar, drums, a ukulele, and flutes.

Then we went to sleep in our tent with the buzzing snores of our fellow archers. Then everyone was up early to do the 2nd day of the shoot. Except for me and the other vendors. We went to set up our booths for the day.

This post is getting long enough so more later.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Conejo Shoot

Next weekend I'll be going to the Conejo archery event in Simi Valley. I may be vending there but I haven't heard back yet from the organizer. The event itself is up and over some pretty steep hills so my boyfriend tries to get me to stay in camp. And right now I'm pretty out of shape so I'm happy to comply. And sometimes it's a scorcher. This is maybe my fourth time there. I'm sure I could get through the course if I had to but it ruins his fun if he has to worry about me falling off a cliff all the time.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

More Arrows

Guy just finished two new sets of arrows and got them off in the mail. Another guy came by to get his 2 dozen arrows and ended up ordering 3 dozen more. Wow! There goes my social life. HAHA. It takes many hours to make a dozen arrows. Everything has to be done right and done 12 times over. The shape of the feathers, the trim on the shaft, the right tip, the right nock and so on. I've made a few dozen arrows myself and I find myself losing patience with it. So my hat is off to anyone that can make dozens of arrows.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Atlatl Husband and Wife

David made this little video of Barbara and Ken (the newlyweds) learning to use an atlatl. Enjoy.

Tom is in the background shooting a bow he made.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 17 Paleoplanet Gathering Photos

We had a good time last Sunday out at the Pasadena Arroyo. It was a chilly overcast day and the sun only poked out it's smiling face a few times, but we were just happy it didn't rain. We were busy making bows, atlatl darts, beadwork, gourd water bottles, quivers and all those things we love to work on. This weekend many of us are going to the Sierras to an event called Springville and in a few weeks the atlatl throwers are off to an event in NV called Valley of Fire. So much to do, so little time.

Sunday, March 01, 2009


My friend David Brunetta is a sculptor that lives in Laguna Beach CA. We love going to his studio and making things when he has time. On this day my boyfriend was remaking 3 hatchets so he could use them to help with making bows and other woodcrafts. They had to cut the handles off, and then reheat the metal and make it the way they wanted it to be. Fascinating!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bowyers Meet in Pasadena, CA

The rain never showed up on Sunday to ruin our archery meeting, of which I was very thankful. I worked on a kokopelli leather patch for my new snake gourd quiver. My friend just got married and she was making a wooden spoon with the help of her husband.

My bf worked on his hickory bow and actually got it up on the tillering tree to make some measurements.

Jon even got the day off from his REI job so he could come to the meeting. I think he's missed the last 3 gatherings.

New arrows were everywhere. Mario's wife received the valentine's arrows that were auctioned off in the auction. She was out shooting them right away.
It got pretty chilly by 4:30 so we packed it in and headed to dinner at my bf's mom's house.

I just found out there is a Pasadena in TX so I guess now I'll have to tag things Pasadena, CA.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Raffle to Send an Archer to Bulgaria

Our archery group at is auctioning off cool things to raise money to send an archer to Bulgaria. My boyfriend donated 4 things so far. Once you get to Paleoplanet, scroll down to TRADE BLANKET and look for RAFFLE in the titles. His custom arrows went for $150. But he still has other items available. Other members are raffling off things too.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Knappers in Quartsite, AZ

We spent the weekend in Quartzsite AZ. We located the knappers that have been out there for months making arrowheads and knapped blades and jewelry. We spent about $50 at that booth on chert for knapping. We also found some black obsidian at another booth for .50 a lb. and got some of that. And we also picked up some bloodstone jasper for when we get better at knapping.

We camped in the desert in the back of a truck. I'm afraid I had the wiggles and kept waking up. There are too many rocks on the ground for tent camping though.

I took lots of photos. I'll post the knapping ones here. If you want to see some more they are over here. If we had stayed there longer it would have been fun to paint some desertscapes. We left Friday night and had to be back on Sun. Anyway, I'll go load the photos.

Monday, February 02, 2009


We went to Quartzsite AZ this weekend and who should we run into but our two good friends Sal and Aimee. And we bumped into them at exactly the same place that we saw them at last time we were in AZ.

While we were there we visited the knappers booth and picked up some chert for knapping. We also got some black obsidian and bloodstone from some other vendors. Our truck was a good deal heavier on the way home than when we left.

When I got home I went to get the fish food out of the freezer and saw the refrigerator door was ajar. That's right, we left the refrigerator open for 2 days while we were gone. Ugh.

Monday, January 26, 2009

New Arrows By Guy Taylor

Some more wooden arrows to oogle over. Pretty darn cool. They are so much more vibrant out in the sunlight. Photos have their limitations. Most of the arrows have been delivered to their new owners. The rest will be picked up shortly I hope.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Our last meeting focused on atlatls and Tom gave me a piece of yew to carve into an atlatl. An atlatl is basically a primitive spear chucker used to throw 6 or 7 foot long darts. Some of our members are going to an atlatl festival in Vegas soon so they are all busy bees making lots of atlatl darts and trying them all out.