Friday, May 17, 2013

Paleoplanet and Al Sahid Info

Just a quick note to mention that the Paleoplanet meeting that would have been on Sunday has been postponed. The Pasadena Roving Archers are having an event that day and there won't be space for us this time.

Also, we are going to an Al Sahid SCA demo on Sunday in Apple Valley.  The bow making bench is going to be with us, so come on by. Contact me if you need more info.

Robin Hood hats for sale.

My newest arrows. I sold six already and have six left.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Conejo Shoot Photos 2013

It was another amazing Conejo Archers event last weekend. I thought I'd share some photos for those that missed it. Saturday was hot like summer, and Sunday was cool and breezy. Camping was great. We all went out for dinner on Friday night to Red's.

On Saturday night we had a bbq. We made steaks for the two of us and others cooked what they brought. Jack and I shared hot chocolate. Aimee brought a fancy cake with glazed strawberries. Yummy!

I don't see Benson and Lisa very often, and they were shooting with Sal's group, so it was great to have my booth right by some of the moving targets so I could watch everyone shoot.

An archer checks out Ken Villars' booth.

Good to see more girls shooting.

Darla catches a nap after a busy day.

Ken, John, Sal and Guy

Guy getting the camp organized.

Me on Saturday

Sunday was windbreaker weather. Aimee, Lisa, Benson and Sal head up to the range.

The outhouse moving target scenario was popular.

Aiming at the stegosaurus moving between the straw bales.

Benson and Sal shoot at the dinosaur.

Aimee and Lisa shoot at the moving mosquito.

Heath's amazing historic replica arrow.

Wicked arrowhead.
Heath discusses historic archery.
Jack helping with dad's archery business.
Japanese braid weaving is called Kumihimo.

Jack is tired. Time to go home.

The Kids Arrows Are Ready to Go

I finished some of the kid's arrows and sold the pink ones at Conejo. I bought more feathers at Conejo and today I'm finishing the last 12 arrows. I already glued the feathers on. I just have the tips to do, so I'll have them at Woodley Park. Remember, these are for small kid's from 3 to 8. Bigger kids use adult arrows.