Monday, February 16, 2009

Bowyers Meet in Pasadena, CA

The rain never showed up on Sunday to ruin our archery meeting, of which I was very thankful. I worked on a kokopelli leather patch for my new snake gourd quiver. My friend just got married and she was making a wooden spoon with the help of her husband.

My bf worked on his hickory bow and actually got it up on the tillering tree to make some measurements.

Jon even got the day off from his REI job so he could come to the meeting. I think he's missed the last 3 gatherings.

New arrows were everywhere. Mario's wife received the valentine's arrows that were auctioned off in the auction. She was out shooting them right away.
It got pretty chilly by 4:30 so we packed it in and headed to dinner at my bf's mom's house.

I just found out there is a Pasadena in TX so I guess now I'll have to tag things Pasadena, CA.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Raffle to Send an Archer to Bulgaria

Our archery group at is auctioning off cool things to raise money to send an archer to Bulgaria. My boyfriend donated 4 things so far. Once you get to Paleoplanet, scroll down to TRADE BLANKET and look for RAFFLE in the titles. His custom arrows went for $150. But he still has other items available. Other members are raffling off things too.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Knappers in Quartsite, AZ

We spent the weekend in Quartzsite AZ. We located the knappers that have been out there for months making arrowheads and knapped blades and jewelry. We spent about $50 at that booth on chert for knapping. We also found some black obsidian at another booth for .50 a lb. and got some of that. And we also picked up some bloodstone jasper for when we get better at knapping.

We camped in the desert in the back of a truck. I'm afraid I had the wiggles and kept waking up. There are too many rocks on the ground for tent camping though.

I took lots of photos. I'll post the knapping ones here. If you want to see some more they are over here. If we had stayed there longer it would have been fun to paint some desertscapes. We left Friday night and had to be back on Sun. Anyway, I'll go load the photos.

Monday, February 02, 2009


We went to Quartzsite AZ this weekend and who should we run into but our two good friends Sal and Aimee. And we bumped into them at exactly the same place that we saw them at last time we were in AZ.

While we were there we visited the knappers booth and picked up some chert for knapping. We also got some black obsidian and bloodstone from some other vendors. Our truck was a good deal heavier on the way home than when we left.

When I got home I went to get the fish food out of the freezer and saw the refrigerator door was ajar. That's right, we left the refrigerator open for 2 days while we were gone. Ugh.