Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Knappers in Quartsite, AZ

We spent the weekend in Quartzsite AZ. We located the knappers that have been out there for months making arrowheads and knapped blades and jewelry. We spent about $50 at that booth on chert for knapping. We also found some black obsidian at another booth for .50 a lb. and got some of that. And we also picked up some bloodstone jasper for when we get better at knapping.

We camped in the desert in the back of a truck. I'm afraid I had the wiggles and kept waking up. There are too many rocks on the ground for tent camping though.

I took lots of photos. I'll post the knapping ones here. If you want to see some more they are over here. If we had stayed there longer it would have been fun to paint some desertscapes. We left Friday night and had to be back on Sun. Anyway, I'll go load the photos.

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