Saturday, October 24, 2009

Making a Basket Quiver

I really must try this. I don't have the supplies yet, and no money to get them at this moment.;f=2;t=000065;p=0 This is one of the most beautiful basket quivers I have ever seen. I love all the different colors and textures in this. I also like how it comes to a point at the end. The other ones I've seen have a hard wood base in the shape of an oval or rectangle. A flat bottom has some advantages, but I'd love to try the pointed version.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Photos From Paleoplanet October 18, 2009

I was so busy I didn't get to take a lot of photos. The dog's name is Biscuit and he was a total riot. I worked on my berimbau, and my atlatl darts. I never even got around to my beadwork.

Straightening the atlatl darts.

Today I continued on with straightening the atlatl darts that I started yesterday at the Paleoplanet gathering. Usually the cane will start to sweat as it's heated up, and then you can bend it. I noticed it wasn't sweating no matter how long I held it over the Sterno can. Then I realized the last swirl of wind must have blown the flame out, because the can was cold. I figured that was a good time to take a break. My hands are still fatiqued from shaving the tough wood from off of the nodes.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mississinewa 1812 and Paleoplanet

Tomorrow is our next Paleoplanet gathering in Pasadena. I'm looking forward to working on a berimbau, my atlatl darts, some beadwork, and learning more basketry techniques.

And to get in the mood, someone just sent me this video. I love the boy with the hoop, and of course the fire eater and the musicians.