Monday, May 23, 2011

Archery Meeting Got Moved

Ashton took this photo of my paleo juggling of rocks.

Making a leather quiver.

John working on a challenging bow.

Mario's boys found lots to keep them busy.

Sal and John figure out what to do next.

Sal working on a bow.

George trying to make a bow from a broom handle.


Time to go home

Barbara's son just waking up.
Guy working on his bow.

Saturday we went to the Paleoplanet gathering in Pasadena. It wasn't our usual day. We got bumped last Sunday because of the Pasadena marathon.  Being on a different day we had different issues to contend with, like no parking. And there was an archery class going on on the target we usually use.  But it didn't slow us down much.  Even with a slow turn-out we still made bows.  Mario brought his two boys, and they were a lot of fun.  Mario showed off the leather bow sock that Iliana had made him. And he had an awesome netted bag that he'd made from cordage. He had put together a beautiful longbow with bone nocks.

Several people were scraping bows from osage and hickory and other woods.
I made 3 crocheted washcloths for Mario's family.  I did some rock juggling.  I visited with Aimee even though she was under the weather and sitting a safe distance from everyone. Baby Jack brought his parents. They got there late after swinging by the leather store to pick up leather for some bowyers.

Jim from the roving archers asked us all to write letters to the city and make sure that when the archery contract comes up for renewal they know we don't want to lose our range. Neighbors overlooking the range have bitterly complained for years that we are mucking up their backyard Arroyo Seco. I already wrote the rough draft of my letter.  Just waiting for him to let us know where to send letters to before I type it up.

Next weekend is the open house art walk at Chris' place called PaleoArts down by San Diego. I'm looking forward to going to that.

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