Thursday, March 10, 2011

Upcoming Chamberlain Ranch Shoot

Tom Mills working on Guy's bow at the last Paleoplanet gathering.
Guy is getting ready for the Chamberlain Ranch Shoot, which means he's out on the patio too melting beeswax for archery. It keeps the bowstring supple and extends the life of it. He pours it into little containers and sells it in the archery booth.  It's $1.00 for a one ounce container, which lasts a long time.
He's making stock arrows to sell at the event, but if you want to make sure he has the kind you need, it's better to order them in advance, that way you get to pick the colors of the cresting and feathers.
Unfortunately I won't be going this year. I'm staying home to take care of the cat that has colon issues and needs medicine twice a day.
You can see the beeswax in the basket.


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