Monday, August 20, 2012

Lots of New Bowyers in the Making

Ready to make bows from boards.

Gabriella finishes her first bow.

Guy explains the process.

Now to get everything all drawn out.

Oops, splinter.  Always keep a pair of tweezers handy when working on wood.

Bow horse and splinter removal
Yesterday we had a great turn out at the archery range. Four young ladies showed up to make bows. So Bill helped them out by donating boards, and Guy helped them lay out the lines and get started. Gabriella was there and she finished the bow she started 2 months ago. It looked fantastic but turned out too light for her draw. It will make a great present to someone with a weaker set of shoulders. She'll have to make a new bow for herself. Or cut off the tips to make the bow stiffer.  Guy helped her put together a bow string.

Terry was working on his bow, but he got a little heavy handed and dug in too deep.  I don't think his bow can be saved. It's a learning curve.

John Scordo brought a bow he made that was the most beautiful laminated bow I have ever seen. Hopefully I got a good photo of it so I can show you. It's hard shooting photos in the shade.  A lot of them don't come out. Somewhere my camera is buried in yesterday's tote bags.
Guy tests out John's bow.

John explains how he made it.

Ken and Barbara weren't there because she's just about ready to bring a new life into the world. It's too dicey to be that far from home in case that little thing called labor starts.  We wish the Villars family the best with their new arrival.

Lizard sunning itself on a rock.

Me in my wet bandana and sunhat.

Stalking a squirrel

 Gabriella finishing her longbow.

See you all next month.

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