Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lyondemere Anniversary

Yesterday I went to the Lyondemere Anniversary in Long Beach CA.  It wasn't an archery event, but that didn't stop Guy from taking his bow bench and tackling a new bow. Many people dropped by to ask questions about the bow and the wood and the process. Some needed arrows fixed.

I entered $5. into the raffle and won four sketchbooks. People put together new and gently used items, and some people put in items they have lovingly crafted or an I.O.U. for a new item to be custom made, and then each pile (basket) gets an envelope.  When you get your tickets, you only use them to try to win things you want.  It works out great as each envelope has one number drawn, and the winner comes to collect their prize.

There were three bags with will lots and lots of metal buttons, and one guy won them all!  Lots of cool stuff was given away including books, Harry Potter robes, 2 Harry Potter wands, a vampire slayer sword, an inkle loom, bunches of trim and thread for knitting and weaving, and so on and so forth. Even if you didn't win, it was fun to be part of the excitement.

We had a great spot in a lovely shady grove with a sea breeze. I saw lots of old friends and made some new ones.

Court Jester

Cute fluffy dog.

Handsome lad.

Working on a bow.

Removing everything that doesn't look like a bow.

Lots of work, but satisfying I think.

Me trying not to get sunburned this time.


Closing Court

Talking to friends.

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