Saturday, December 04, 2010

Santiago Archery Range

Guy and I made it out to the range in Santa Ana (Santiago) to shoot some arrows. Only I was shooting arrows and he was schmoozing. Then it got dark. He never got to shoot a single arrow. There were about a dozen people there. One guy named Frank was a great storyteller. Too great maybe because I'm still spooked out about the supposedly true story of a man in the country who would skin tourists and make tools out of their bones, and another story about an assassin whose weapon of choice was a knitting needle. Shudders. Glad it wasn't dark and we weren't camping.

That target they have is rather odd.  One archer said it's made out of old carpeting and then painted.  If I hit the target near the center, my arrows would just bounce off.  Maybe that's why the other people were shooting at balloons.

I just found this article about the park. The author doesn't say much about the archery range but it's obvious he wants to change the park so it's more suited to families. So if you are so inclined he lists information for any of you archers to speak up and say you don't want the archery range mucked with. And archery is a family sport even if the author, who is apparently Latino, sees no use for it. He makes one comment about the Lawn Bowling only being used by elderly white people. The comments are priceless.

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