Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bowyers Meet in Pasadena March 2010

Last Sunday we went to Pasadena once again to work on bows, arrows, knapping, atlatls and other primitive projects. Some of our members were off at Valley of Fire doing the atlatl competition, but we still had an amazing turn-out.  Tim Baker was there for the first time in a long time, and he's my frisbee buddy so we had a great time throwing the disc around. Some of the kids joined in the game too.

Diane brought her honey Gary and her poodle Missy. I worked on embroidery and she worked on beads. Paige and Mike were there and I got Paige started on some embroidery. Wish I'd gotten some photos of that.

Guy and Roland busted up a toilet for knapping. Fondly termed Johnnystone or Johnstone, it's a free source of knapping material to learn on.

Sidney and James from the SCA came by. Sidney has a Martin Stick Bow just like mine so I lent James mine and the two of them went off and enjoyed the roving range together. Sidney used the arrows she got from Guy Taylor. Guy's blog is over in the side bar (Greenman Archery).

At the next gathering the Valley of Fire crusaders will no doubt show up with new atlatl's and stories of conquering the wooly mammoth. So if you missed us we'll be there on the third Sunday of next month unless instructed otherwise.

Diane and Missy

Roland and Guy making johnstone

Andrew shooting with a broken arm.

Mike working on a longbow.

Gary tuning a bow.

Lauren, Tom, and Jon talking shop.

Me enjoying the sunshine.

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